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Wedraw Eggy Robot

  • Suitable for Ages 3 to 8
  • Enhance your child's personality development
  • Support the development of Maths and Science Skills
  • Help develop language skills
  • Develop Critical Thinking Collaboration Communication and Creativity
  • Promote artistic skills
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Wedraw Eggy Robot 

Trigger the Learning Path


wedraw eggy robot

The WeDraw Eggy Robot Kit is an educational robot for kids aged 3 to 8.

WeDraw-Eggy is a great, little teacher that stimulates the childs mind without depending on screen time. With WeDraw Eggy kids can learn drawing, spelling, alphabet, counting, shape recognition, addition, subtraction and do mathematical puzzles.

For kids, WeDraw-Eggy is a little friend. It talks, blinks, draws and writes. Kids can have fun by drawing and playing games with WeDraw-Eggy. Day by day, kids acquire skills to draw and finally apply their imagination to create their own work. WeDraw-Eggy is a teacher that shows, talks and explains step by step how to finish each picture.

By using WeDraw Eggy your child will develop in the following critical areas of growth;

  • Language - 

    Improve the enthusiasm of children's language communication and develop language ability.

  • Art - 

    Develop children's ability to observe and appreciate the beauty of things around them and develop artistic skills.

  • Develop the 4 C's -

    • Critical Thinking
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Creativity

    • Personality - 

      Enhance children's self-esteem, self-confidence, cultivate children's care, and friendly attitude to promote children's personality and healthy development.

    • Science - 

      Inspire your child's curiosity and desire to develop cognitive skills

    • Maths -

      Allows your child to practice their fundamental maths skills in a fun way

    Full Kit Includes

    10 x  Monster themed drawing cards originally designed by Ralph Masiello

    wedraw eggy robot

    26 x English letters and 5 x English word challenge cards

    wedraw eggy robot

    10 x 0-9 numbers cards and 5 x math challenge cards

    wedraw eggy

    3 x Instruction books for drawing, letters and numbers

    wedraw eggy

    1 x 5V/2A USB charging cable

    wedraw eggy

    2 x  Drawing pens

    wedraw eggy