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Photon Robot PH-1

  • An interactive educational robot that introduces children to the world of new technologies through experiences and experiments.
  • Helps kids develop creativity, improve their logical thinking abilities and learn the basics of programming
  • For kids aged from 5 to 12
  • Can be personalised for more than one child using profiles in the App.
  • Reading Skill is NOT a Barrier to Learning with text to voice technology
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Photon Robot PH-1

The line between Fun & Learning has been erased!


Kids learn best when they don't even know they are learning. They love to learn by experimenting and trying new things. Photon Robot allows your child to learn on their own. Photon Robot is an interactive teacher helping kids discover coding, mathematics, biology and more in an inspiring way!

Photon Robot | Southern Sun Drones


Photon Robot was designed to develop:

  • imagination and spatial orientation,
  • planning, anticipating, understanding step-by-step logic,
  • patience, deferment of the prize,
  • algorithmic basics.

Photon Robot | Southern Sun Drones

 Awaken the passion for coding!

Photon Robot is not just for small children. Available applications dedicated to older children, allow both programming from scratch and practice coding skills at a higher level.

Photon Robot | Southern Sun Drones

Apps for each Age Group

To fully use Photon's capabilies, various apps have been developed for different age groups. Photon Robot can be used by small children who have not done coding before right through to those those who are already familiar with new technologies and coding.

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More than one child?

No need to buy a Photon Robot for each child. You can create separate profiles for each child in the application. Each profile contains information concerning each child's progress. Thanks to this feature, your children can develop their robot their own way and not bother their siblings or class mates.

One of Photon Robots's features is its customisation system. In the app, children face challenges connected to coding. At the same time they collect points that can be then exchanged for their robots skills development. Thanks to this option and the use of profiles each child has unique robot identity using the one Photon Robot.

Photon Robot | Southern Sun Drones

Reading Skill is NOT a Barrier to Learning

Photon Robot's visual self-learning system makes the play simple and intuitive so that there is no adult help required. In addition, Photon Robot uses a text-to-speech solution that reads all the commands in the app in all the available languages. This unique function allows for a fully autonomous learning process with Photon Robot. Even children that do not yet know how to read can use Photon Robot!

Photon Robot

Package Includes

  • 1 x Photon Robot
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • App access instructions