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FREE STEM Resources for the mbot Robot

  • Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies
  • Learn to control components with code
  • Learn coding structures
  • Navigate mBot by code
  • Play games with mbot
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FREE STEM Educational Resources for the mbot Robot

mBlock - Kids Maker Rocks with the Robots

Suitable for Ages 8+


  • Chapter 1
    • Use code to control the LED lights
    • Use code to control the buzzer tone
  • Chapter 2
    • Use Code to control and apply the ultra sensor
  • Chapter 3
    • Use of mathematical  operations in code
    • Use variables when coding
  • Chapter 4
    • Use of branching structures in code
    • Usage and comparison of variables
  • Chapter 5
    • Using the broadcast command
    • Learning to use clones
  • Chapter 6
    • Understand and use the features of the linked list
  • Chapter 7
    • Use of logical operators
  • Chapter 8
    • Use the video related coding blocks
    • More about variables
  • Chapter 9
    • Use code to move mbot
  • Chapter 10
    • More about the usage of ultrasonic sensors
    • Use mBlock coding to enable mBot to avoid obstacles
  • Chapter 11
    • Understanding and using the line patrolling sensor on mbot
  • Chapter 12
    • Controlling mbot with the infra-red sensor
  • Chapter 13
    • Rollup of mbot skills so far
  • Chapter 14
    • Uploading a control program using it to complete a game.

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Note: Activities are not alligned with the Australian Curriculum.